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Office Workstation Office Desk


Office Workstation Office Desk

Typical single-sided sit-down version 54" high, 48" wide, 24" deep and a 30" deck height.
This typical unit is minimalistic in design, yet it remains a versatile unit.  When connecting multiple runs of the configuration, it is designed for bit not limited to computer labs, training rooms, and call centers.

Single Sided Kit Includes:

2 Cantilever Uprights 54" High X 24" Deck
1 Countertop 48" Wide X 24" Deep
2 Tie Bars  48" Wide
2 Countertop Deck Supports
1 Metal Shelf 48" Wide X 16" Deep
1 Countertop Splash 48" Wide X 3"
54" High Layout Total Price $442.00
72" High Layout Total Price $457.00

Add a Second & Third
54" High Layout Total Price $385.00
72" High Layout Total Price $399.00

Custom Configurations Available 800 972 1994

Add a  Keyboard Tray $89.00
Add a Slim-line Light Fixture  $99.00

Add a Complete Corner Section with out shelf

54" High $299.00

72" High $314.00

Add a Complete Corner Section with shelf

54" High 384.00 72" High $399.00

The Modular Madix Work Station serves as a office desk, LAN Desk PC table, computer furniture, industrial rack or store furniture.  Compared to office furniture, the Workstation balances the business productivity needs of functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics.  The shelves and shelving support computers, video surveillance monitors, computer printers, scanners, or merchandise.  EZ to assemble this office furniture or fixture is economical while still made of heavy duty materials.  The furniture's modular permits the people who work at it to arrange the shelves and accessories as they please, both today and in the future.  Users may adjust the shelves and shelving and accessories every one inch (2.54cm).  Each straight shelf holds 250 Lbs (*113kg).  The rack is available in four standard colors.

Work Station Work Surface
The Workstation Work Surface has a 1" thick construction top surface finished in you choice of Madix standard Work Station laminates.  The front and sides of the Work Surface are edged with black or gray T-mild.  The Work Surface includes two 2 1/2" holes grommets for cable management.  Each grommet includes a cap.  When ordering, choose laminate finish code first than T-mold finish code.
Inside Corner Work Surface Core Components
Inside Corner Work Surface
The Work Station inside Work Surface is used when a corner is needed. Constructed of 1" thick wood the top surface finished in your choice oh Madix standard laminates.  The front and sides of the Work Surface are edged with black or gray T-mild.  Working corners are 48" wide.  The Work Surface includes two 2 1/2" holes grommets for cable management.
Corner Shelving
Depth/Width Price   Depth/Width Price
24" X 24" $175.60   36" X 30" $190.25
30" X 24" $175.60   48" X 24" $254.00
30" X 30" $190.25   48 X 30" $254.00
36" X 24" $190.25      
Customer Specified Laminate ..... add $100.00
Inside Corner Shelf
The Work Station inside corner shelf is a metal and has one flat position with a 100Lb. load capacity.  Order the same depth size of work station inside corner shelf as adjacent shelvs. The corner shelves must be installed prior to installing the shelves and accessories.  Specially designed brackets ship with each corner shelf to provide more stability to the back of the shelf. 

Corner Shelf Pricing

Optional Colors add $2.00



24" X 12" $85.15
24" X 14" $85.15
24" X 16" $85.15
24" X 18" $85.15
24" X 20" 85.15
30" X 12" $85.15
30" X 14" $85.15
30" X 16" $85.15


30" X 18" $85.15
30" X 20" $85.15
30" X 22" $85.15
36" X 12" $95.25
36" X 14" $95.25
36" X 16" $95.25
36" X 18" $95.25
36" X 20" $95.25


36" X 22"

48" X 12" $115.80
48" X 14" $115.80
48" X 16" $115.80
48" X 18" $115.80
48" X 20" $115.80
48" X 22" $115.80

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Office Workstation Office Desk