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CD DVD Shelves

The SBS for Compact Discs replaces the Standard Base Shelf in Gondola and Wall Sections and offers the ideal way to display compact discs or similar merchandise.

Kickplates are not needed when using these shelves but do require special base end covers [BECCD-5(ND)].

CD DVD Shelves

Note Does not match depth of standard base shelf.

Madix Compact Disc Shelves and Shelving Madix Compact Disc Shelves and Shelving
Width 12" Cost 14" Cost 16" Cost
24" $44.10 $45.55 $47.00
36" $48.25 $50.35 $52.15
48" $52.50 $55.00 $57.35

Call 800 619 9566 for a shipping quote

P 2.46


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CD DVD Shelves