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Wire H Display

Wire H Display

AHD-662472                  $349.00

Featuring simple snap together assembly, (featuring spring clips), the Adjustable H Display provides an economical way to display various types of merchandise. The display accepts all 3 OC Wire Grid accessories.

The display also offers the versatility of adjusting in and out from 3 to 6 and back again as merchandising requirements change. Also includes levelers to compensate for uneven floors.

Wire Display Basket
Designed as an accessory for the Wire Grid 4 Way Rolling Displayer. May also be used in other Wire Grid applications. Basket height is 3 3/4" and the load capacity is 50 pounds.

Specifications: Normal Width 24" X either 10" or 12" Deep
CBPSW2410 or 12   24" X 10" or 12"     Wire Display Basket $22.99
Wire Display Utility Bin
Ideal for shirts, sweaters or small general merchandise items. One piece construction in 1" grid pattern.
Size: 12"Deep x 12"Long x 9"High.
 WGUB-12129        Wire Display Utility Bin  $29.99
Wire Display J Hook Waterfall Displayer
Waterfall Displayer for Wire Grid is made of one inch square chrome plated tubing with a 16" projection.
WGFOJ                   Wire Display J Hook Waterfall Displayer  $9.99
Waterfall Hook Displayer
Waterfall Displayer for Wire Grid is made of one inch square chrome plated tubing with a 16" projection.
WGFOW               Waterfall Hook Displayer  $9.99
Wire Display Brochure Holder
The Wire Grid Brochure Holder is a one piece unit designed to display literature at the point of purchase.
Available in three widths, 4 3/4", 6 3/4", and 8 1/2". Unit is 61/2" high and 3 1/2" deep.
WBH-NL-WG     Wire Display Brochure Holder  $19.99
Wire Peg Hook
Chrome plated peghooks for Wire Grid Backs. Available in packs of ten.

Available in Packs of 10

WGPH-(L)-10      Wire Peg Hook  4" $14.99, 6" $16.99, 8" $18.99 10" $20.99, 12" $22.99
Small Wire Basket
This Wire Utility Basket, may be mounted in either pegboard or Slatwall Backs. The basket is 3 1/4"H, 18 1/4"W and 3 15/16"D. With a recommended load capacity of 25 pounds the basket can be used for the display of lightweight products.

There is a 1 1/4 inch tag mold included for pricing convenience

WUB180404-WG18" X 4" X 4"  Wire Utility Bin  $39.99



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